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Physical Signs of Long-Term Alcohol Abuse Addiction Treatment

Content WE’RE READY TO HELP YOU BEGIN A NEW LIFE Recovery Coaching The Physical Effects of Alcohol on the Body Long-term effects of alcohol Is Your Loved One Showing Early Signs Of Alcoholism? Graduate School of Addiction Studies One of the more serious effects of alcoholism is the damage it causes your liver. Cirrhosis of […]


What SHOULD You Say to a Recovering Alcoholic? Promises Behavioral Health

Contents Is Your Relationship Healthy? Signs of Codependency When Your Friend Has a Drinking Problem What to Say to an Active Alcoholic Resources The only way you alone can change the current course of your interactions with someone with a substance use disorder is to change how you react. Most people need to establish trust […]


Drugs That May Cause Psychiatric Symptoms The Medical Letter Inc

Contents “Crack” and Cocaine Insane? Psychotic? Let’s get our terms straight Internet Explorer is no longer supported Support Children’s Mental Health CONSIDERATIONS IN TREATING COCAINE DEPENDENCE Instead, explore your choices inmedical detoxandaddiction treatment. Users of Flakka risk experiencing a heart attack or stroke due to the rapid heart rate caused by the substance. Additionally, the […]