Do I Need To Install Motherboard Drivers? How They Aid In System Performance

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Most of you won’t need to install the RAID drivers unless you have your hard drives in a RAID configuration. It is highly recommended to never use a third-party driver website or program; only install drivers directly from the manufacturer when possible. If you have an optical drive, then you can simply use the disc that came with your motherboard to install your drivers. You will eventually be prompted to click on one final “Install” button. When you click this button, the drivers from the USB will be automatically installed on your computer. Go to the USB device where your drivers were downloaded and unzip them there.

It’s vital to know exactly which graphics card you have so you can install the appropriate driver for it. If you’re looking to reinstall the drivers manually, you will need to go through the same driver uninstallation process that we have already described. Again, it’s best to use Display Driver Uninstaller and fully remove any driver data left on your system. Like the installation process, you have two options for reinstalling the drivers. The ‘Product Type’ you want is likely ‘GeForce’, but if you’re planning to game on a Titan card, you should choose that instead.

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A scan can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, when your PC is idle, or even every time you log on to Windows. It scans for drivers even if you don’t have an internet connection, which is helpful if your network card driver isn’t working. When an offline scan completes, the list of drivers is saved to a file that you can open on a working computer to get the drivers you need. Use one, and you won’t need to deal with Device Manager so much to update drivers manually, nor will you need to find and download drivers from manufacturers’ websites. Steam is a very helpful tool that can be used as the first line of troubleshooting in case players face any issues with their titles.

  • Download your driver, run them, and reboot when you’re done.
  • We checked the version numbers against the currently installed drivers, and they all seemed to be valid updates.
  • Without restarting, the drivers may not finish their complete installation which can lead to corruption of the drivers and/or Windows 10.

When using DDU, you should select the Clean and Restart option, as the remaining drivers will be automatically removed from your PC before it restarts. For many years NVIDIA has been consistently dominant over its chief competitor AMD, so it’s no surprise that most users would want an NVIDIA graphics card for their PC. Even if that dynamic might change, NVIDIA is generally the safer choice. Driver installation has always been necessary, but the process has become much simpler thanks to technological advances. Most of the time, Windows 10 will automatically start the installation wizard upon booting the PC with new hardware. However, if you want more control over the process, this guide is for you.


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In my opinion, DDU is the best AMD and NVIDIA driver removal tool for Windows. DDU will remove all the traces of your older display drivers so that you can install the latest or fresh copy of display drivers for your graphics card. All graphics cards or video adapters need video drivers to work on Windows Operating Systems. Well in general drivers are needed for every computer hardware device or component whether it is a graphics card, sound card, motherboard, LAN card, or any other component or device.

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