Welcome to this wonderful topic, is entrepreneurship a spiritual journey. We are about to start a journey in the year 2021 and is everybody’s checking entrepreneurship You know, we’ve had a lot of people say several things. So welcome to our first broadcast this year. this year we trust God, to do quite a number of things, we trust God to be more profitable in our business, to achieve much more than the year 2020. So you’re all welcome this evening.

This is a very massive topic we trust to do justice to it. Many times people will say this is business do not bring spirituality into it. We’re talking about our entrepreneurship journey. Thank you for all the good feedback. Without wasting too much time. It is the first topic in the year, we trust it to another 52 Sundays this year and I pray for you that you will not die and that your business will grow in leaps and bounds in the name of Jesus. Entrepreneurship is something I mean a lot of times we’ve had a lot of people talk about you know this is business doesn’t God into this business. Do you understand what I’m saying? Some people will even tell you that no, you know, don’t mix relationship with the business. People don’t want to mix spirituality with business people don’t want to mix relationship business. so tonight we want to examine, the entrepreneurship journey, is it a spiritual journey. And I’m going to start by defining what is entrepreneurship, my dictionary says that the activity of setting up a business or taking on financial risk in hope of profit.

The dictionary definition of entrepreneurship is the activity of setting up your business in hopes of making a profit. I need you to underline that because it is very key in understanding what the entrepreneurship journey is all about. the definition of entrepreneurship says that it is a business set up taking all financial risk to make a profit. the second thing I would like to define is business. what is business? someone said that your business is your regular occupation, it is what you do, it is your profession, it is your trade

The definition of business says that is your occupation. So for example, the business of an entrepreneur according to the dictionary say that an entrepreneur is someone whose occupation is to set up businesses in hope of making profit. the next definition I would like to share tonight is what is the definition of a business organization. The definition of a business organisation according to the dictionary, says that it is an entity aimed at carrying out commercial enterprise by providing goods and services to meet the needs of customers,
I repeat the definition of a business organisation according to the dictionary, says that it is an entity aimed at carrying out commercial enterprise by providing goods and services to meet the needs of customers.

I want you to know something in the definition of business organizations you do not have any word called profit. There is no mention of profit but when we’re talking about entrepreneurship, it says an entrepreneur is a profit seeker but when talking about the business entity the dictionary says nothing about profit at all, it only says that you are creating goods and services to meet needs of people and i think there’s a problem, I have a problem with this two definition because

if you look at the history, you look at those who are entrepreneurs those who have been successful entrepreneurship if you look at their lifestyle, if you look at we have quite a number of entrepreneurs. People like World Disney this people are entrepreneur, if you check how they have lived, i don’t really see them seeking the profit, the most important thing for them have never been the profit, if you look at all the catalogs of great entrepreneurs, that we have people like Alibaba, their primary concern of setting up or calling themselves entrepreneurs is that they are actually looking for, they’re actually looking for solutions to humanity problem, they are looking for solution, they are looking to make something that will benefit mankind, that have been their drive, people like World Disney whose passion has always been writing cartoon and all but when you look at his life he was always trying to add value but a business organisation is primarily check concern about making profit. So, I have a problem with the definition of entrepreneurship because most entrepreneurs are not setting up, their drive is not the money, I’m not saying money is not part of it, but the primary thing that drives entrepreneurs is not about making money. it is about creating products and services that brings solution to mankind. I’m an entrepreneur and I can tell you that what drives me most of the time is not really the money. An entrepreneur is concerned primarily about bringing solutions, solving problems.
Entrepreneurship is about solving problems, people like World Disney, Hery Ford, these are entrepreneurs, they are great entrepreneur of our time. Henry Ford was one of the first people that introduced mass production, factory system. He wanted every Americans to be able to afford a car that was what he believed in. if you look at the definition of entrepreneurship in the dictionary, it does not merry because it says they doing it for profit. one of the things about entrepreneur is that most entrepreneurs if you check their history they’ve gone bankrupt one time or the other because what they are trying to do at times is not bankable. looking at it financially it comes with huge financial risk, there’s huge financial risk in wanting to be an entrepreneur, especially in Africa. For those of you who have seen some of the videos, where I talked about who is an Afro entrepreneur, one of the things about Africans entrepreneur is that a lot of things are against you, the bank don’t want to support you, even people do not want to support you, your environment does not want to support you, your customers don’t want to support you because guess what, an African entrepreneur is on a more dangerous path because the people you are creating goods is not looking at locally made goods and services, they want international because in Africa we’ve have been educated to appreciate values from abroad. we have never been educated to appreciate what we have.

Entrepreneur is someone whose occupation is bringing solutions to humanity; is not really about making the profit, they just want to bring solutions to the market and that is why if you look at most entrepreneur, they are not driven by profit, and a lot of them went to bankruptcy, Ellon Moss one of the greatest entrepreneurs from Africa, he was a month away from bankruptcy, he had to empty all his account to make sure that the texcla model remain in production.

So entrepreneurs do uncommon things, they do things that does not make sense financially. Talking about people like Disey this was a guy who created Disey in the United Kingdom, this was a guy who the bank turned down but he beleived that he could bring the circlo system into vacuming of carpex and all of that and guess what he made it not because of the bank. One thing i will like to share with you is that all these people are not driven by making profit but bringing solutions for humanity. If you call your self an entrepreneur and all you are looking at is the profit line, all you’re looking at; i don’t say don’t look at the numbers but if that is what drives you primarily then you are a business man. A businnes man is somebody who is looking for profit, he does not mix business with spirituality. An entrepreneur has passion about humanity,he wants solution. Africa is a place that we should have more entrepreneur because we have a lot of problems surrounding us and guess what? a lot of things are against you but you just want to make it happen.

If you call yourself an entrepreneur and the only thing that excite you is that you’re going to make money, so there are a lot of people that all they want to do is to make money and they call themselves entrepreneur. I don’t think so. If you’re driven primarily by making money i don’t think you are an entrepreneur brings value to the market, , I want to talk to you about an entrepreneur, his name is Charles Babbage, he is called the father of computer. he created the first computer. He first wanted to create a machine called the arithmetic machine and it took him seven years to discover that there is no way he could create that machine, that person is looking to solve problems. And the question is this, what problem are you solving. some people want to solve problem to make money that is fair enough. talk about the brothers who want to fly, and were the first people to fly, are you telling me they are driven by profit, no they were driven by bringing solution. Seven years to create the machine and after seven years he found out that he could not create the machine and guess what? He spent another seven year and he was the first person created all the components of computer, that we used today. it is called the analytical machine. He was the one who knew that he had drive solve a problem. Want to know money because they’re solving problems to solve the problem. Get into that, too. So probably like I said, I will say that my definition definition of intrapreneurship entrepreneurship is business is creating goods or services that provide humanity or improve the quality of human life.

To me, according to my definition, i don’t buy that dictionary definition. As entrepreneurs we are not in it only for the money, we in it primarily because we want to bring value; I’m speaking to entrepreneurs, afropreneurs in Africa, you know, that the reason why you’re in business, is that you want to bring value to the continent. I don’t buy that dictionary definition that talk about us doing it for the money, for profit only, profits will come along. People like Jack Mia he was not looking at the money. He was looking at the small businesses in China to the world. He found out that there was quite a lot of small businesses who needs to sell their goods all over the world and he created the Alibaba platform. Today one of the most massive. Alibaba process most payments on a daily basis more than visa and master card put together that is worth; if you are looking out for value

Entrepreneurs are people that look for value over profit, they are primarily more concern about bring value. I’m speaking to you what value are you up to the market and you call yourself You call yourself an entrepreneur? Are you looking at the money all the time.

Let me repeat my definition of entrepreneurship, it’s a business whose primary motive; that’s your primary motive is creating goods and services that provide solution that solves humanity problems and improves the quality of human life. That is one of the things I like about the iPhone is that I do not have to put my memories all over the place; I put it on iCloud, even if i get another device and I lose my phone. Guess what immediately within an hour i have access to all my data that is something that solves the problem, because before that you have to put your memory in different phones.

That is my own, if your primary motive is to make money. Tonight topic : is entrepreneurship a spiritual journey? is your passion to solve human problems a spiritual one. will you just say that entrepreneurship is all about the problems, and you do not have anything to do with spirituality . Let me define spirituality, let me define it, spirituality is the quality of being concerned about the human spirit. If you want to solve problems, my brothers and my sisters who are listening to me or fellow entrepreneurs who are listening to me tonight, your spirit is very important. Why is your spirit very important? You need to be concerned about your spirit. Because if your spirit is alive, guess what? the entrepreneurship journey has many huddles, there are many pits and falls along the way. Most entrepreneurs have gone through bankruptcy.

Henry Ford went through bankruptcy twice. World Disney went through bankruptcy. These are challenging period, in fact for an afropreneur you need more than spirituality, your spirit needs to be alive because there are times that everything around you does not make sense. There will be times that physically you will give, there will be times that when you look at the number you will give up as an afroprenuer. there are times that everything will not make any sense and you will ask yourself, why should I remain here? Many people who call themselves entrepreneurs are actually business people looking for profit so when they say they are looking for a solution but guess what? When the trials come, when the challenges come, when problem knock on your door, guess what? everything around you; can I give you a short experienced of something like that. I was owing a bank and one day they came to my office in a coster bus,

more than 30 Bank officials and they entered the premises and started shouting give us our money, I’m not going to mention the name of that bank. They came into the premises and everybody including your staff; they are looking at you, you are the boss, you have to stand there but guess what, my spirit was alive. Entrepreneurship is not just a journey. I don’t know what you worship, there has to be something much more than what you can see, entrepreneurship at times is much more than what we see is much more than who you are. It’s much more listen as human beings. We have a spirit man. we carry a spirit in us

listen they can break you physically but guess what? If they do not touch your Spirit you’re going to come back again. The reason why some entrepreneurs are able to come out of bankruptcy is because you have a spirit that is alive. I mean, let me give you an example somebody like Ellon Moss

you probably will not say that he’s a religious man. But this guy works 120 hours per week. he works 20 hours a day, meaning he sleeps for only four hours a day. That is worship, that is spirituality, that is not normal, that is not for profit only. He is doing that because his soul, spirit, and his body is immased in creating solution and no wonder look at what he has done space x. Do you that the same Ellon Moss created one of the first international payments platform. When you are spending all your efforts, your time, when when you are spending your dream, your thoughts, imase in an item, it is no longer physical it is now spiritual

because you; there are entrepreneurs who have imase themselves and this is one of the problems nobody between the African and western entrepreneurs. Some of these guys do you no how hard they worked, people like Jack Mai who nobody believed in him. He said something; he applied to several universities and none took him, he went for a job application 24, he was the only person who was not employed. Don’t you know his spirit could have been broken but he just thought i can do better tomorrow. so my advice is this, as an entrepreneur you need to take care of your spirit man. To me ia spiritual journey because you’re feeling He’s on fire when he says in your office there was no money anywhere. There was no money anywhere. See you Physically, your spirit, you will stand up. You will do better things again. We’ve had challenges as you’re starting a new journey In the New Year Get on the bus. solving the problem

As much as looking for money to be successful, I love that. You might be talking to you tonight. I know I know. A lot of times, there are a lot of times on Wednesday at 6am, 6am on Wednesday, I’m going to starting on my personal page, prayers because as an afroprenuer, you need your spirit person to be touched because guess what? Sometimes the news you hear from the government is not palatable, the news you hear from your banker are not palatable. You are working in an environment that the bank are not supporting you, even your customers; black people prefer to European made. can you imagine how much this countries is spending on Roseroise, Gucci, though we have a lot of you who can produce a lot, how do we empower them. If you depend only on what is around you because everything around you sometimes will fail you. In fact as an entrepreneur most of the time it will fail you. I’m going to be giving you a few reasons why you need to pay attention to your spirit as an entrepreneur. Why entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey? One as an entrepreneur there are times that all will fail

Everything will fail, what you’re working on, the project you’re working on it will fail, the only thing that will sustain you is your spirit. the second reason is Africa is against you, Africa is organised to be against you. The government are against you and see you as a cash cow. Most African government are killing business; some times your environment will fail you and that is why your spirit man need to be sharp. You need to charge your spirit man whether you are muslim or you call on Jesus. the third reason is there is nothing as beautiful as when you are serving man kind. Entreprenuers brings solutions to humanity,when you bring solution to humanity do you know that it refreshes you.

I have seen a lot of business people who make all the money and guess what? they are be empty, they are not happy. They make all the money and yet they are happy. How of us have heard of Mary Morruf have committed suicide. Why? the money was three but the heart, the spirit was broken. You need to take care of your spirit as an entrepreneur because things will attempt to break you but what you feed Your spirit, if you feed your spirit it must not only be about money

Somebody say the structure is against business around and that is what is happening but guse what? Do you Know that whatever is around you can not touch your spirit man. I believe in the holy book; the holy book says that he that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.
So he was even though 30 bank officials were surrounding me and they were shouting their money and there was no physical money to give to them. My spirit man was strong and I said to them let me negotiate, the amount they were coming for is around 18million naira

I’m going to give you money today. they said how much are you giving us, i can give you two hundred thousand naira, I will give you a check of , 100,000 today and give you 100,000 in another two weeks, they looked at my like i was not serious. Guess what? that loan was repaid even though part of it was written off. That is what we’re talking about; your spirit able to connect into the future and that is why I said we’re going to be introducing a prayer dimension to these, every Wednesday 6am In the morning just for thirty minutes and just to pray, it wont be on the afroprenuer hub because afropreneur hub is just really talking about businesses and all of that, for I believe that we need a spiritual components to our lives as it take as you take on this journey,

I’m going to close by looking at some of those people, you know, some of the great leaders who are entrepreneurand spiritually are very strong people like Henry Ford, people like World Disney. these are people who knew…., looking at some of the statements, if you if you if you’re listening to me you can you can google some of the statements or the quote of world Disney. It was World Disney that he says, he says, “All our dreams can come true, if we will have the courage to pursue them”. that is not coming from the physical realm. He’s talking about dreams here. He’s not talking about numbers. He’s not talking about profit, he’s talking about dreams. Look at what he said about Disneyland, He said, “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”. these are great quote, these are quote that come from the spiritual component of our being. You are in Africa, it is a very spiritual environment.

Entreprenuership journey, especially for people living in Africa. Do you know that Africa kills it very best? The best of entrepreneurs in Africa have been sold away as slaves, some of them died in the Mediterranean sea, our young able ones who crossed the Sahara desert, some of them died in the desert, some of them died in the Mediterranean Sea. Listen in most african countries if you are trying to do good, do you know what happens? they kill you early. Look at some of the great leaders who were about to change the story of africa, poeple like Thomas Sancanra, People like Ganni Fawemi who fought for a lot of…, and when he was not given the SAM, I’m talking about people in Nigeria now. He was a political activist,he was the senior advocate of the masses but guess what? when Ganni was going to contest and he saw the crowd, we all would read about him, we all we would hail him behind closed doors, but how many people voted for him. How many people. I believe that during his campaign that was when he broke his spirit because this was a man who went for the good of the nation he was so passionate about solving humanity problems in Nigeria where he is but guess what? Was he rewarded? no he was not rewarded and that is something entreprenuers must take on board. this are things that kills, there are some things that kills the mind and spirit of entrepreneurs. I’m talking about World Disney as i close. He said something; He said, there is more treasure in books than in all the pirate look in treasure island. I want to qoute what Disney said; He said, “a man should never neglet his family for business”.
These are quotes of World Disney, so you want to be an entreprenuer you need to look at your spirit man in this year. Don’t go ahead without your spirit, don’t go ahead. In the year 2020 a lot of people lost it because guess what everybody was at home, some people did not know what know to do. You could not go out, there was no money there was no food, people were just there and some people lost it all. Guess what, if your spirit was charge your spirit will speak to you, your spirit will tell you what you need to do all of that. As i close tonight, do not make it all about solving the problem for you to solve the problem of humanity, you also need to know that you humanity is a spirit, there is a spirit in man and the spirit in man is very important. You need to take care of it, how can I take care of it? Like i said; I’m a believer, I’m saved by the blood of of Jesus Christ and I cannot tell you how many times that have helped me, I can not tell you how many times. And I can not tell you one of the …, Do you Know that one of the greatest things about entrepreneurship is that you have to connect to the invisible.

Solutions comes from the invisible. I was talking about charles babage now, the father of computer this guy was able to design what was not physically possible to be in existence. He designed it. Where did he get it from? He got it from the invisible, he got it from the realm imagination. So as entreprenuers if you charge your spirit man, if you take care of your spirit man, solutions will come from the invisible realm. I cannot tell you how many solutions I have received from that realm. Because guess what, remember, everything we see is created by what we do not see. The iphone first existed in the mind of someone, first existed in someone’s realm of imagination in the spirit before we saw it physically. Because the spiritual, when you take care of your spirit person you’re able to connect to that realm, you are able to connect to that dimension, and bring the best solution.
Like I said, please do not forget this right for my own personal platform we will be praying 30 minutes every Wednesday at 6am in the morning, you know, waking up at 6am is not for everybody. Some of you like to sleep but I’m only talking about entrepreneur who are serious in the year 2021. let’s just come together, let’s pray for 30 minutes.

As I close, I’m saying something to each and every one of us. Why wednesday? It’s not how you start the year that matters. Everybody is starting the year on high hopes. Happy New Year. Happy. Happy New Year. My handle is kehindeowolabi2020, so the prayers will be going on from kehindeowolabi2020.
As I close, like I said, the entreprenuer is a spiritual journey. And I like to share these words, with God all things are possible with God. I pray for you in the year 2021, Whatever standing on your way, whatever is a blockage, I pray it will not stop you. I delcare to every entrepreneur listing to me you are unstoppable in the year 2021. You will not be limited by finances, money answers things but for a man who is spiritual, money can not stop them even rules can not stop them. So I charged you once again for you and I pray for you and I released that word upon you as you join me wednesday 6amin the morining my handle is KehindeOwolabi2020 join me on instagram, on my personal Facebook page, I don’t know if you have that, join me as we pray together.

For with God,for with your spirit man for God is a spirit,nothing would be impossible for you, whatever you have plan to achieve this year i speak to you, you will achieve more, you will do more, you will do more. I’m not saying that because i am speaking words, because it will be a reflection of what will happen for you, you will achieve more this year, you will do more this year, you will do more this year and it is simply about connecting in your spirit, connecting your brain, connecting what you need to do and God will make it happen for you. You are unstoppable this year.

Thank you very much my name is Kehinde Owolabi, I’m speaking to you from Afropreneur Hub that is the largest platform for entrepreneur because entrepreneurs in the Afropreneur Hub, this year we are going to grow in leaps and bounds for every afropreneurs. If you are not yet a member please go online to our website and become a member. You can become a member for free or paying any little amount of money.

God bless you, the lord keep you in the name of Jesus Christ, have a profitable Year, have a profitable week ahead, God bless you. For those of you who would be joining me 6am Wednesday morning on my personal instagram page kehindeowolabi2020 we are praying 30 minutes every morning and I’ll be sharing with you the topic on Wednesday morning is the 5 pillars of progress. You will make progress, you will move forward in this year 2021. Thank you so much. Thank you.

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