Scientific Contagion Heuristic: Judgments about the acceptability of water for religious use after potential scientific treatment

A contractionary policy lays emphasis on reduction in the level of money supply for a lesser spending and investment thereafter so as to slow down an economy. The studies below lay forth this possibility and also highlight how our judgments are affected. This account in turn points out the complex relationships between science and religion via water that are relevant to public health. It requires someone who understands the rigours of scientific enquiry and is creative enough to express it.

Markets have lost faith in financial companies with their equity value plummeting in the past year. Overall, this could lead to the failure of not only financial system entities- connected as they are through the inter-bank funding market, over-the-counter derivatives market and so on – but non-financial companies as well when credit flow chokes up. Weaker companies, especially those who have not done proper risk due-diligence while chasing growth, and those with governance issues, are the most vulnerable. The book also exposes the problems with multilateral structures that are supposed to lead the way out of the current mess, and ends on quite a pessimistic note on the future of the global financial architecture and the global economy. The importance of credible and effective institutions at a global level is as much as it is at the domestic level albeit it is much more difficult to put in place such institutions or even a credible framework at the global level. Like previous episodes, this crisis has also led to calls for a new international financial architecture that is resilient to financial shocks and is more equitable and sustainable.

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Similarly, how you behave may be replicated by others in your team. Not understood or ignored and it’s a negative impact – your wellbeing investment is unlikely to achieve your desired outcomes. Well understood and leveraged in the right way and it’s a positive impact – your wellbeing dollar will go further than expected. Public sector banks may be more cautious towards diamond businessThe diamantaires spoke to ET off the record as the “issue” comes at a “sensitive” period for the entire industry, which is yet to get to grips with the fraud at PNB. The book is validating to me as an individual and as a therapist. That certainly may in part explain the current divisive and vitriolic political environment we’re mired in, with emotions easily stirred up and magnified and passed along like a horrible virus of anger.

The Wellbeing Contagion Effect

For instance, there is the fear now that bank NPAs might continue to rise. That’s because at least 65 percent of NBFC exposure to real estate is under moratorium, where current dues are only interest payments. Principal repayment is expected to start only from first half of the next fiscal year. Given the stressed state of the realty sector, fresh bad loan additions are only expected to rise, leading to more pain at banks and NBFCs.

The first is expanding vertical specialization, where countries specialize in a particular stage of a good’s manufacture or assembly, causing increased dependency on global supply chains. Second, since international trade requires various types of financing, the extremely tight credit conditions and the resultant shortage of liquidity , coupled with rising cost of trade finance, contributed to a sharp fall in economic activity. Is an arts leader and connector based in Calcutta, India and working internationally. A dancer-choreographer, arts writer, and curator-presenter, he heads the performance company Ranan and the Pickle Factory Dance Foundation. His scope of work spans practice, discourse, critique and management, and revolves around the central tenet of creating deep connections with and through the arts. There are several narratives that augment the sacredness of waters deeming its celestial, sin-absolving nature which has been bestowed as a gift for human salvation.

On November 11, FTX, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after facing a severe liquidity crisis. However, the meltdown of FTX was not something the crypto market was prepared for, and it took the industry by surprise. The crypto industry’s contagion effect began in May this year, with the collapse of Terra and its algorithmic stablecoin, TerraUSD . On May 7, a series of large UST dumps on the Anchor protocol caused the stablecoin to lose its peg with the US Dollar. This caused massive FUD among investors who scurried to exit their positions in UST.

• possible ways forward for artists, audiences and venues to build and celebrate strong and empathetic communities. Through his work, Kandalgaonkar draws parallels between the current pandemic and the Bombay Plague, including the government invoking the Epidemics Act of 1897 to tackle Covid-19, first implemented when the plague of 1896 consumed Bombay. With the pandemic reducing physical contact between people, photographs and images have become an ever more crucial way to stay connected, convey our emotions, and document unprecedented events in our lives. And building a team approach to wellbeing with frequent check-ins and reference to wellbeing goals and activity. Currency crisis won’t rock AsiaThe situation today is not entirely the same as compared to 1995. How Indians are dealing with the onset of a deadly coronavirus outbreakThis virus has been a great leveller, affecting people irrespective of their wealth and social status.

The good news is that weight loss is also prone to these ‘social network’ effects. Teammates can significantly impact each other’s weight loss -being surrounded by others with similar goals does help shed those kilos. Pause and think about this for a moment – if you work in a team, how you ‘show up’ in terms of your emotional state is going to be reflected back to you in the mood/reactions/emotions you get from your colleagues.

As you may know, contagion refers to the spread of an illness through close contact. In the financial world, contagion refers to a domino effect, where one financial crisis can spread through the entire ecosystem, causing severe market drawbacks. This education should include a focus on emotional contagion and the value of positive emotions as a force for good in the workplace.

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The Science Gallery, which is less than two years old, is trying to offer an updated experience of the physical and natural sciences which must now necessarily include advances in technology and culture. Watch video on meaning of contagion and inclusion of contagion in Daily word of day. According to blockchain analytics firm Nansen, the FTX collapse was likely triggered by the Terra meltdown. And experts believe that what began in May 2022 could extend deep into 2023.

  • He argues that after an initial phase of decisiveness and joint action in the immediate aftermath of the crisis, the cohesiveness within the group has disappeared and it is unable to make headway in addressing core issues of global imbalances.
  • If water from a “holy river” is processed scientifically, most participants predicted that it would reduce acceptability for religious use while increasing acceptability for drinking .
  • The collapse of Terra caused crypto prices to plummet and put pressure on the entire digital asset ecosystem.
  • I read a lot of books about evolutionary psychology and cognitive science – driven, I suppose, by a desire to better understand why humans do the things we do.

No wonder then, that art is routinely used as a therapy for post-traumatic disorder syndrome. In times of despair, art also allows us to understand our own context, and reinforce that we are not alone. It also chronicles the times and allows future generations to understand past suffering a little better. Examples from India include Shitala Mata, the Goddess of Smallpox, and more recent expressions of Ganesha as the destroyer of pesky pandemics. The defining feature of Contagion is that while it is deeply rooted in science, it uses various forms of expression to try to understand and define the germ, the disease it causes and the effects it is having on society. In the video installation, ‘Fluid Dialogues’, artists work with microscopic footage of the blood of people infected with HIV.

This caused a massive contagion effect, resulting in several firms pausing withdrawals, laying off employees, and even declaring bankruptcy. Some of the major firms that became insolvent after the Terra meltdown include crypto hedge fund, 3 Arrows Capital and brokerage firm Voyager Digital, along with crypto lenders Vauld and Celsius. The 2008 financial crisis is a perfect example of such a contagion — it sparked a global monetary crisis, probably the worst since the Great Depression. A contagion can be explained as a situation where a shock in a particular economy or region spreads out and affects others by way of price movements.

Emotional contagion

So far, the RBI has said that it is monitoring the top-50 finance companies closely based on the size of their balance sheet, the scale of their operations, as well as governance practices and credit behavior. After all, sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman. A quick way out is for the RBI to carry out an Asset Quality Review of NBFCs. RBI had carried out a similar exercise for banks in 2015 which found that the banks were understating their bad assets.

As such, the more companies that are affected, the longer the crypto contagion will last. However, many experts believe the crypto market is not big enough to impact the global financial market. But if institutional investors start selling off their holdings and exit the market, the broader crypto market could be looking at a further downturn of events and a prolonged crypto winter. When we create art, write, sing or indulge in any creative activity, we get into a ‘flow state’, which the Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes as a period of optimal attention in which we are completely focused on the task at hand. Art or any form of self-expression is another way to let off steam and protect us from being overwhelmed.

It’s not about ‘happy clapping’, but emotional regulation and an understanding of one’s capacity to choose one’s mood. Instead, this article is exploring the role of behavioural and emotional contagion, and how these conditions stand to significantly impact the ROI from wellbeing investment in organisations. Soon after her return from a business trip to Hong Kong, Beth Emhoff dies from what is a flu or some other type of infection. Center for Disease Control, several days pass before anyone realizes the extent or gravity of this new infection.

RBI and the government have taken many small steps to revive the credit flow to the NBFC sector. For instance, the central bank increased the ceiling for a bank’s exposure to a single NBFC to 20 percent of its tier-I capital from 15 percent earlier. Similarly it increased the limit for bank lending to registered NBFCs for on-lending to agriculture up to Rs 10 lakh; micro and small enterprises up to Rs 20 lakh; and housing up to Rs 20 lakh per borrower. The government also set up a partial credit enhancement scheme where it partially guaranteed the pool of retail loans sold by NBFCs to banks.

As the economic recovery began proceeding at different speeds in different major economies, fissures surfaced within the G20. The widening distance between national and global interests meant that coordination became increasingly difficult. The Contagion effect refers to the spread of shocks in the economy or an economic crisis across the countries and boundaries. The effects have become more pronounced during the increased interdependence seen in this global era.

define contagion

Bitcoin has been struggling to break out of the $17,000 mark since the FTX meltdown and has lost almost 65 percent of its valuation YTD. It’s a similar story with Ethereum and most of the other cryptocurrencies on the top 100 list. Thanks to the contagion effect, the global cryptocurrency market cap is also stuttering around the $800 billion mark, a far cry from its all-time high of nearly $2.9 trillion in November 2021.

Explained: The crypto contagion and how long it will affect the market

We were also especially keen that we feature voices that are not often heard on such platforms avoiding the usual suspects both from India and the global north. Epidemiology is defined as the “diagnostic discipline of public health”. It studies the patterns of disease occurrence in human populations and the factors that influence these patterns. It depends on data to analyse the who, when and where of disease.

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The rapid pace of globalization of the financial and real economy over the past few decades led to a contagion effect across continents, writes the author. Europe’s economy was most vulnerable because of its deep linkages with the US, similar financial and real estate problems as the US and also because of the high levels of sovereign debt in peripheral European economies such as Greece and Portugal. As credit markets froze following the great cash, the vulnerabilities of the peripheral economies and the contradictions within the European Union came to the fore. Despite adopting similar stimulus packages as in the US, it has been even more difficult for Europe to stabilize its economy.

Epidemiologists try to figure out what is going on and where it might be heading; they try to control and prevent the spread of disease. But since epidemiology deals with disease, which is often spread by how people behave, it cannot be seen just as a science without an understanding of human behaviour, societies and social networks. With the penetration of social media at this time, everyone can contribute to the work of an epidemiologist. This is best done through integrative education at school and college. The growing clout of the financial industry and the consequent policy environment of light-touch regulation was one cause of excessive risk taking. The other problem arose from the political agenda of inclusiveness in home- ownership.

What is ‘Contractionary Policy’

But the author is not very hopeful about progress on this front, nor does he see a decisive agenda for change backed by key economies. In the end, the $48 billion fixed exchange rate system combined market cap of LUNA and UST disappeared in the span of a few days. As such, any firms that invested in LUNA and UST now had a gaping hole in their books.

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