We would be talking about what the new norm is all about and how does it affect your business. The first thing i would like to share with us is ” as we look into a new year, do not exempt yourself from progress in 2021″. Why i said this is because a lot of people are going to say at the end of the year that they did not do well this year due to reasons best known to them. If I say Why didn’t you do well this year? there would be many people who would have excuses.

The new norm 2021, what does it mean to your business? The first thing is your belief, what is your belief? a lot of people have some excuse that the economy is bad, some people say it’s my wife, some say it’s my husband, some say it’s my staff, some people say it the bank; they are not giving a lot of money, some blame it on poor foreign exchange, but really the first thing you need to put in place is your believe; You need to address your belief, Do you believe that you can don something better? Do you believe that you do not have any excuse? and that you are responsible for how 2021 turned out for you because if you go into 2021 with this belief that you have an excuse; if you ask some people why the year have not been good for them, they would probably have two or three reasons to tell why it has not been good for them but the important thing is that you must believe you can make it happen, you believe you can make progress; there are opportunities every day,we all really need to ask ourselves where are these opportunities? what can i do? so the first way you can really prepare for the new yaer is to address our beliefs;2021 The new norm. listen in the new norm, people that are going to make it are people who believe it. People who believe they can do something; listen you need to make 2021 count and worthwhile for yourself. You must believe that it is within your power; it all as to do what you internalize. There is something that somebody calls limiting believe and this is really a major problem alot of us in Africa, we have limiting believe; most of our business in Africa are small.

somebody told me a story of a man started a business i think as far back as 1998, he started a small corner shop where he stared selling biscuit and all that, that same year four people came together to started Shoprite and years down the line Shoprite had a turnover 0f 114 billion dollars, but here is a man who stared the same busisness but the four people who came together could think big. so the first thing you really need to address getting into new year and getting into the new norm is that, you must believe that the new norm is mad efor you that you can build a big business in the norm.The second thing i would like to also tell us in preparing the new norm. the new norm is all about beleive those who beleive that it is their time, those who really believe that this is their oppurtunity, and i have a question for you tonight do you believe in opurtunity?

Do you believe that this new norm has presented an oppurtunity for your business? Please if you can not find any oppurtunity, You can not think about any oppurtunity, i think you should sit down and ask your self, open your eyes. People who are going to make it in the new norm are people who believe thta there is an oppurtunity for them. The second thing this, new norm is the data age, it’s all about data now; it’s no more about biro and pencil. Organisations who can swiftly leavrage on technology in the new norm you need to be able to leaverage on technology, so you need to ask yourself in your business how can I leaverage on technology,what can i do? there are still some businesses who are preparing for the new norm but they not really preparing, they are not really thinking technology; technology is changing everyday. How many of us know that Google is entering into what we call marketing now, we have the amazon and all of that, Facebook is entering into e commerce, instagram is entering into E commerce,there is a whole lot of technology offering, and one of the things epecially if i am talking with Africans is that we are behind. Instagram wants to allow people start selling on their platform, Facebook has already started that, they are builing communities.

so busnesses that would do well in the new norm are businesses that can swiftly leaverage on data, for example, the uber business; many taxi sit down and wait for passengers to come to them but guess what Uber knows when a programme is going on at the museum center, so it already written that there are lots of drop off at the museum center and as soon as they start getting orders from there, do you know what Uber is saying? Uber is try to direct drivers to the museum center but the old taxi driver is still parked at his taxi stand waiting for business to come to him. so businesses that can do well in the new norm are business can swiftly leaverage on technological innoviations for their businesses; very important, don’t wait behind.

The third thing i want to tell us and this is specifically for the Africanbs; the third thing in the new norm is this globalization.You are saying sir why are we talking about globalization now, we already know that globilization has been there, no sir; In african, look at globaliztion in the terms of India. If you go to the uk, to most europeans countries and even in America you see a lot of the india food already in their supermarket, it is happening in Africa but it is still not happening at a substancial rate; there is still a lot of gap in that market. i was watching a dragon show about a young Nigeria lady who is selling fried plantain; the same fried plantain that we are buying on the road side in Lagos state where i live in Nigeria, the same fried plantain she is exporting to England well packaged, well branded. Listen for the first time since i have been watching the dragon show i saw more than five dragons competing to get into that business and what is she doing? she is simplying exporting all we can find all over the street of lagos city in Nigeria. so it is very important that for us in the new norm globalization. Africans listen we are yet to export what we have to offer; under the new norm globalization is going to play a major role, whatever you are doing you need to think globally. the Americans are always thinking globally, if speak with an American. this is something i always say wrestling match, the American are calling their local wrestling match the world series; they are using names, they are expanding. listen in the new norm for anyone who need to survive you must think globally. whatever your product is nad all of that it is very important that globalization is going to play a much more bigger and better role. Alibaba they are penetrating, they are coming into Africa, they are coming all over the’s going to bring forth business. so the new norm is globalization, globalization is going to increase.

the fourth thing is that you must be able to get closer to your customers, either digitally; you must be agile and proactive to maximize value. so for companies and organisation that will do well in the new norm, are companies who knows how to get closer to their customer and relate well and more with their customer this is very important in the new norm. the new norm you must be able to get close to your customers why am i saying this because a lot of people are competing for that same customers. if you are not reaching your customers digitally other companies are reaching out for your customers. if you are not able to; listen business in America; i get emails from, businesses in china they are trying to get to your customers, businesses in Turkey they are trying to reach out to you , so if you are not getting closer to your customer other people would get to your customers before yo, so it is very important that in the new norm you must ask yourself how do i get closer to my customers and remember my second point is that digitally you must be able, you have to be agile digitally, you must simply leverage on technology on how to get closer to your customers. the first point i beleive i would like to make is what i call the expression of identity management, listen in this day you have to look into your business because in the new norm some people are working from home so your business must be very flexible, because these days people want more, employees want more, your customers want more, they want to be heard, so really flexibility in your business, flexibility in two areas, number one how swiftly do you respond to your customers, does it take you time, do you tell them you would get back to them and never do, because in the new norm it is very important that you respond swiftly.

How about your workers, there are some positions in your office that you do not need a full time staff to do, people can work remotely, especially technology, which is probably what someone can do from any where. in my business i used to have in house a digital marketer and web developer in house but now its no longer that so allow them give them so flexibility because some position they want more, they know that they are mobile especially the digital or technological tools that we use and all of that. so you need to really look at your business and input flexibility into your operations. though there are some operations you need someone, for example you are runnign an hospitality business someone must be there to welcome the customers, someone must be there to take the customer lugages and all of that. you can say in abroad, there are some industries over sea especially if you talk about Air B&B, you dont see anyone; once you book a room, they tell you where you are going to pick up the keys and when you are done put those keys back. you need to sit down look at your businesses, where you need to do away with man power, where you need to do away with physical present in a particular location, you must quickly adapt because if you do not do away with those things, if you do not give your employees the flexibility they want guess what someone else will take them from you. let me quickly run over some of the points.Number One I said the first thing you need to do in the new norm is beleive, you need to check is your beleive limited. you must beleive it because there are a lot of people who have excuses for why they didnt do well, it is because of my husband , it is my wife ,it is my chidren, it the work it is foreign exchange, it is because of Buhari, it is because of the Government, so there are a lot of things; those are limiting believes. In Africa we have a lot of things that limits our beleive; if you tell someone for example that how can you distribute; we work with some european countries, there are some factories manufacturing 1000 parcels per day, so if you ask an African can you make 1000 beds per day for my market the first thing is how do I make, how do i distribute them. The new norm is not for people who have limited believes, it is for people who can really engage, it is for people who can do well, it is for people who believe that the new norm can make progress for their lives. it is very important that preparing for the new norm; how big is your believe are you willing to take the risk, whatever you can not take risk for is not worthwhile. the second thing i said is what i called Data, it is for companies who can simply leaverage on technological innovation in their business, is your business leavraging on that, very important. the third point i said is the word that we have all heard severally “globalisation”, this is the time that Africans we can take our food; i lived in england for some period and i can tell you that the english they love cury, they love their rice cury.

Some African countries are leavraging on that, Some African countries are engaging people on that, they are actually doing something, they are exporting those things. I share with us that there was a video i watched on whatsapp today of a young lady selling fried plantain in England today but packaged differently, packaged to meet the european taste pallette, there is a way the european pallette is formed to appreciate food, for us in africa our pallette loves spicy food. so she has done some of those Nigerian food, something that you see on almost every street corner in nigeria she is selling it package properlly and for the first time watching the Dragon show i saw all the five dragons competing to buy into her business, so this is the time that things are going to get more global. In fact there is trade pact that Nigeria has signed, for example i’m talking about African; the African union, they are trying to make the african union a very big market, they are trying to make it borderless, so someone from serial loonne can bring something to Nigeria without any custom what so ever, anyway its being signed though we have not seen the realization of it happening. so globalization is what i called the third thing. The fourth is that you must be able to get closer to your customers digitally you need to be agile, you need to be proactive to maximize value and all. People are marketing you from all over the world, so that customer you think is your own someone is talking to them maybe from united kingdom, so you need to check that, you need to use technology to get closer to your customers and all of that.

The next thing i mention is Identity management; flexibility, you need to be flexible, flexible in engagement; you need to look at your staff, Google mentioned that in the new norm they are all ready reducing thirty percent of their staff capicity, so most of their location are going to have thirty percent less staff. so you need to look at that how does that applys to your business, is it everybody you need to be resuming work in the morning? ask yourself that question, you want them to come and start signing in? Gone are the days of clocking cat, so you need to start thinking in that line, forget the days when people have to clock in and clock out, forget the days when people have to sign in and sign out. So you need to look at your businesses what part of your businesses does not require that, some areas requires that for instance, i work in the retail and in the retail somebody must open the shop, there needs to be a sales assistant that is present there all the time, in hospitality you need someone to welcome and all of that. So you need to look at your business in the new norm does everybody needs to come in and sign in the morning, so if they don’t need to come and sign in in the morning look for other way to control them, look at the delivery goals and let them work remotely, in fact for does ofus who do not no Jobberman has create a flexible working environment now; don’t say am advertising them but that is innovation that is one of the things am talking about. what jobberman has created is that for example if the monthly salary of a secretary is two hundred thousand naira or for the sake of our international audience $1000, so Jobberman is saying that instead of a company looking for $1000 for this guy to work for four companies and the four of them can contribute to pay him the total price of $1000; this one of the things i am talking about in the new norm, Jobberman is already thinking ahead to the new norm; these are ways you have to start preparing your organisation for the new norm, i mentioned flexibility; everybody does not need to come in and sign in,you can have some pay as you go staff and that saves you money and companies who are flexible to take up some of those challenges are moving very fast.

someone mention that you need to look at how goods are being delivered, the new norm makes us to understand that people are not travelling as frequent as posible and that is one of the things that we realise now is there are lot of logistics companies; in fact i live in lagos Nigeria and i can tell you that the delivery motor bike are much more on the roads now and this is telling you that logistics is playing a role; you need to factor in logistics, you need to understand logistics regarding your businesses, there was a time that planes were not flying even the port now a lot more cargos are being shipped because people are not travelling as they used to. Lastly, the million dollar question, someone said that the economy of Florida is bigger than even the economy of the richest countries in African, so we need to look at the million dollar question. Are you thinking in the million? Are you asking yourself the million dollar question? There is this saying that your first million is the most difficult one, in the new norm are you pursuing a revenue target of a million dollars, can your business make that amount of money for you in that year and am end this by challenging every enterprenuer. I live in lagos nigeria and a million dollars in Nigeria naira today is about four hundred and sixty million naira; so can your company/ organization make four hundred and sixty million naira divide that by twelve, that is about forty million naira. are you asking yourself because if you are not you are not ready for the new norm. You must ask yourself that in the year 2021, i am asking myself the million dollar question; how do i generate a revenue because guess what, the sooner you make your first revenue the rest is easy, like they say the thoughest million to make is your first million. somebody say and i read “revenue target of a million dollars”; am just helping somebody’s believe system, can you make forty million a month? can you generate that? it is the million dollar question and it one of the ways you need to prepare yourself for the new norm.

the first point is that do not exempt your believe system, i started with the beleive system and am also ending with the beleive question. What is your beleive? Do you beleive that the new norm is for you? that is the number one point; number two point is data, is your company leavraging on technology innoviation for your business? you need to ask that; that is the new norm, the new norm is for companies who are leavraging on technology for their business. the third one is globalization, what can you export? what can you do? you must play in the global space, you must think world wide, you must not think locally all the time, thinking globally today does not mean that i start exporting globally but it expands my thinking and ask me what steps do i take. the fourth point is that you must be agile in getting closer to your customers, get closer to your customers because everybody is trying to reach to them. the next point is that your company has to be flexible in adapting to the new change and all; everybody does not need to come in and sign, you have to look at those part of your business so that you can reduce your operating cost and then make more profit for your organization. the fifth i said is that you need to look at your supply chain the logistic company and all of that, the sixth and final point is that are you asking yourself the million dollar question?
My name is Kehinde Owolabi thank you so much for joining us tonight, it’s been a wonderful time so next week sunday would be our final slot for the year and guess what it is the last sunday for 2020. You’ve made through this year, you made it through the corona virus, you’ve made it through most of those things and because you’ve made it, i am looking forward that some of you would leave this platform tonight asking your self the million dollar question, How can you generate forty million every month and that is a start. God bless you and may his face shine upon you in the name of Jesus Christ; We would have a profitable week and right now have started saying it. Have a profitable year ahead and next week i would be talking more on the mililion dolar question. how can i make million dollar? there are systems you can use, there questions you need to ask yourself, i want to cross that million dollar bar and you would do that. God Bless an you would do that

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