Windows 11: How to Download, Price, Upgrade Details, and More

Windows 10 includes a feature named the Xbox Game Bar. Despite the name, it’s really more of a gaming-focused overlay with a variety of features. It’s particularly useful for taking screenshots of PC games.

You can setup multiple monitors that work together off a single operating system. This means it works as a single computer with multiple apps or screens running on a single operating system. When you move the cursor, it will slide between monitors seamlessly. You can also drag documents, browsers and other windows back and forth between the monitors. You must choose which is the primary monitor as well.

Reprogram Your Surface Pen Buttons to Do Anything You Want

However, in Windows 11, Microsoft improved on that. It expanded on Snap Assist with a new feature known as Snap Layouts. You can still use Snap Assist keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11, but compared to Windows 10, Snap Layouts in Windows 11 gives you expanded ways of using split screen. Open the app windows that you would like to split, hover the mouse over the maximize button, and then select one of the parts of the first option. Multiple desktop support came in Windows 8.1 operating system. In computers running on Windows 8.1 or later, you can have separate desktop on different monitors.

  • You can explore the download areas of the main site and mirrors below.
  • Labeling the exact location of each window in your home is also important to avoid any confusion while you measure your window opening.
  • If you have more than one monitor, you can also try pinning multiple windows on one this source display.

We think most people should wait a few months to give Microsoft time to iron out Windows 11’s biggest new-operating-system bugs and finish releasing updates for Windows’ built-in apps. But you may want to install the operating system anyway because you want to test it or because you like to run the newest thing. Or maybe you’d like to install Windows 11 on an “unsupported” PC because Microsoft is not your parent and therefore cannot tell you what to do.

Laptop Windows 11 Pro

So it’s not a good option when you need to take permanent screenshots. You also can’t annotate or edit the screenshot before sharing. This is the best tool to use if you want an immediate image file created from your screenshot. It’s quicker and easier than hitting Print Screen and then pasting the image into an image processing app like Paint. Unfortunately, you can’t hit Alt + Win + Print Screen to save an image of the active window. This is another extremely handy keyboard combination you should put in your daily workflow.

Any of these tools will do, but…

The limit will be determined when a region is too small to be useful. If you want the mouse to scroll left to right across your monitors, make sure monitor “1” is on the left and monitor “2” is on the right. From the display, select the monitor you wish to adjust. The following instructions will show you how to configure two monitors to display a single work space. Similar to the Android models, the view here is a bit small. Splitting your screen on a mobile device can be done, but it is not the recommended option.

Repeat the process with the other remaining window. Apart from that, you can simply press the “Windows + left arrow key” to snap the window to the left in Windows 11. Similarly, you can press the “Windows + right key” to snap the window to the right half of the display. When used via the keyboard, a hot key displays the Moom bezel, and you can then use the arrow and modifier keys to move and resize the windows.

To bypass the trusted platform module version 2.0 and processor requirements to install Windows 11. However, using this method, the computer will still need TPM 1.2, Secure Boot, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a processor with at least two cores to proceed with the upgrade. Right-click the MoSetup key, select the New submenu, and choose the DWORD (32-bit) Value option. Alternatively, you can also perform an in-place upgrade of Windows 11 with an ISO file on a device that doesn’t meet the system requirements. However, you will first need to run a script to bypass the TPM, Secure Boot, and processor check. We’d like to highlight that from time to time, we may miss a potentially malicious software program.

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